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Your Source for New and Refurbished Robot Parts

Bow Robotics houses an inventory of over one thousand different robots, spare parts, and more. We carry both brand new and refurbished parts using genuine components. All our part sales come with a 1-year warranty and each component is tested on a robot for 24-48 hours before being shipped. To receive a quote for any part, the only information we need is the Manufacturing number or the part’s DSQC number. If you don’t have an part number available, just call us and we will help in identifying the part you need!

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Robot Mechanical Arm Components

We keep a vast inventory of mechanical parts like these, and can rebuild your existing unit top to bottom:

  • Motor Units, Axis 1 – Axis 6
  • Full Wrist Units
  • Gearbox Assemblies
  • Available for robots as small as an IRB 140 to as large as an IRB 7600

Cable Harnesses & Control Cables

We also carry cables including, but not limited to:

  • Upper Cable Harnesses
  • Lower Cable Harnesses
  • Manipulator Cables for all Axis
  • Control Power Cable (Runs between the robot arm and controller unit)
  • Control Signal Cable (“SMB” cable)
  • Customer Connection Cable Harnesses
  • New Cables Available for: ABB IRB 140 Models through IRB 7600 Models
  • All cables are sold new (unless otherwise requested)

S4C, S4C+, and IRC5 Controller Components & Electronics

We carry refurbished parts and can repair, but are not limited to, the following electronic robot components:

  • Serial Measurement Board
  • Main Computers (CPU)
  • Computer Boards
  • Axis Computers
  • Device Net Boards
  • I/O Boards
  • Panel Boards
  • Power Supply Units
  • Drive Units
  • Rectifiers

S4C, S4C+, IRC5 Teach Pendants

We carry refurbished teach pendants and can also repair your existing unit:

  • IRC5 Teach Pendants
  • S4C+ Teach Pendants
  • S4C Teach Pendant

New and Refurbished Gearbox Assemblies

Changing a damaged gearbox can be quite the mechanical task! Let us supply the gearbox you need and our team of specialized robot engineers will come properly install the unit for you.

New and Refurbished Robot Sales

We can help you choose the best robot for your application needs. Want to re-purpose an older robot? We can fully rebuild your existing robot for half the cost of buying a new one. All robots, new or refurbished, come with a 1-year warranty on parts. We also keep a vast inventory of refurbished/rebuilt robots ready for sale.

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