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Robot Field Service & Remote Support

Part Installation and Repair

Robots are complex machines and replacing a manipulator (arm) or controller component can be a very physically and technically difficult task. Let our team of specially trained engineers handle these difficult robot installations and repairs. We’ll save you downtime, and you can rest assured that the repair will be done, and done right the first time.


Robot Programming

Whether you’re re-purposing an old robot, adding a new application, want to see more efficiency out of your current process, or need an entirely new program, our software engineers have a special eye for code, and are experts in RAPID. They can provide quick solutions and expertise no matter what you need.

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Preventive Maintenance Services

Just like your car, robots are robustly built machines that can meet your production demands day in and day out. However, they need to be cared for and maintained properly to assure they keep running at top efficiency. Depending on robot usages, preventative maintenance services are recommended every 12 months. Call us so we can help maintain the health of your robot!

Robot Cell Integration

Adding a new robot cell to your plant? We can help in understanding your application and recommend the best robot, tooling, and cell design for the job. From choosing the robot all the way to testing it in production, our experienced team wants to support all your integration needs around robotics.

Robot Tech Support

To understand all of the mechanical and electrical components of a robot, and how they work together, takes a very specialized set of skills. We take pride in being experts in robotics so that we can maintain these ever-changing unique skills. If your robot is down or needs tech support, let our experts come evaluate the issue and offer the quickest and most economical solution. Our dedicated team of engineers will be onsite to help within 24-hours of your call!

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Full Robot Refurbishment

We know that buying a new robot means spending huge capital dollars. Fortunately, robots are extremely robust machines. If they’re rebuilt and properly maintained, they can have up to thirty years of production. Send us your old damaged robot for evaluation and we will beat the price by more than half to make it good as new!

Robot Part Repair

The Bow Robotics team has engineers versed in electrical, and mechanical applications. We can quickly and accurately assess issues and identify root problems. Once the problem has been identified, we can fix, clean, and prep your part for testing. Our process involves manual circuit and manipulator checks, a minimum of 24-hours of test simulations, and is backed by a 12-month warranty.

Technical Phone Support

If you’re having robot issues and aren’t sure if you need a service engineer or if the problem could be solved by one of your own plant personnel, give us a call. Our Director of Technical Services has over twenty years of troubleshooting experience and can work with your team over-the-phone. If a problem isn’t resolved within 6-12 hours, we will deploy a service engineer to continue supporting the issue.

Solution Simulations

We use a proprietary development environment to create and simulate your robot application. This allows us to find the perfect robot and program for your integration needs before you order any hardware!

Remote Programming Support

We offer over-the-phone support and troubleshooting for your RAPID program. All we need is a simple system backup and then our expert software engineers can help debug and resolve your program issue.

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